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No batteries or electricity needed.

The Spinner Cup is the ultimate portable drinkware that brings out the pleasure of drinking your favorite hot and cold drinks without the need of batteries or electricity.
Stir your drink without using spoons that are available in public areas.

The brand new portable Spinner Cup makes it easy to stir your drink while you are at work, in the car or elsewhere outdoors. Thanks to the magnetic spoon, which is located inside the cup, you don't have to use spoons available in public areas to stir your drink.


Easy and fun to use.

The device is very simple and easy to use, as well as incredibly fun. Yours drinks are easily stirred by pressing on its single button (located at the bottom of the unit). Each time you press the button, the spoon inside the cup will start to rotate. The more you press the button, the more the spoon turns.

For hot and cold drinks.

No matter where you go, you can bring the Spinner Cup along with you so that you can always enjoy a well-stirred coffee, tea, instant soup, hot chocolate milk or any other hot or cold mixed beverage that you can think of.

Patented mechanism

The Spinner Cup is the first portable drinking cup with a patented magnetic stirring mechanism. The unique mechanical design makes using the Spinner Cup look magical. Each time you press the button, the magnetic spoon will start to stir inside the cup without using batteries or electricity.


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